Derrick Mason calling it quits

Derrick Mason won’t be a thorn in the Steelers side anymore.

That was my first thought when I saw the news that Mason is retiring.

On a team full of idiots, Mason was one guy who I’d have loved to see on the Steelers. He was one of the most underrated WRs in the game in my eyes.

If you show his numbers to people, they would probably be stunned.

You could pencil him in for 80+ catches and 1,000 yards every year. And remember he did this playing in Tennessee and Baltimore, a pair of teams who won’t get easilly confused with the ’99 Rams.

So from a Steelers prespective, we’re glad we don’t have to deal with Mason anymore. But as football fans, we’re sad to see him go.

He’s one of the rare breeds of a WR who doesn’t have a poor attitude or need the ball every down. A few years ago we wrote that his bones were due to turn to dust any minute, but there’s no doubt he could put up Pro Bowl numbers again as a 35 year old.