Friday Field Trip: Starks is so paid

Every Friday, we venture out into the Web and pull in some of the best (and occasionally worst) Steeler related content on the Web. And here. we. go.

This is more in the news department than link love, but Max Starks was franchised this week. He’ll be overpaid once again, but with Marvel Smith’s injury trouble and Willie Colon overall suckiness and holding ability, he’s the only real long term solution at tackle. It is what it is.

If something smells funny around here, it’s because a fellow AFC North blog has joined the Bloguin team – Curse of Cleveland. All kidding aside, we’re glad to have them and look forward to their Browns coverage.

ESPN 1250 has some cool things going on. First, they are holding a luncheon with Mike Wagner and Andy Russell on Liberty Avenue. Also, they’ve starting putting up some podcasts with lots of goodies, including a great interview with Santonio Holmes.

Steelers Today is a must read. They lay out Mike Tomlin’s offseason plan and share our feelings on Colon and Kemoeatu. Speaking of Chris K., his agent says he’s one of the best guards in the league. No joke is needed to make that funny. Good riddance.

Diehard Pats fan Tommy is back on KSK with his Super Bowl thoughts. Needless to say, he didn’t think it was anything special.


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