Blitzburgh Pick’em: NFL Picks for Week One

This will be a weekly post where I will look ahead at the Steelers’ match-up, as well as three other key games. Not only are you going to see my detailed picks of four games, but you will also see all of our writer’s picks each week. We will keep track of these picks all season long…. That way you will see who knows their stuff, and who should stick to their day job.

Week One


Atlanta Falcons @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Can it be? Dennis Dixon will finally get the start. It only took a four game suspension to the franchise quarterback, an injury to the #2 QB, and Mike Tomlin flirting with starting Charlie Batch, but a brief Dennis Dixon era is now upon us. I am personally glad that the Steelers made the decision to start Dixon, showing the faith that they have in his progress at the position. Now, Dixon’s story is great but I think all he needs to do (and all he will be asked to do) is not lose the game. Steelers will look to set up the ground game and make sure they keep themselves in short yardage situations.

Falcons have a very dangerous offense, and the pressure will be on the Steelers defense to stop Matt Ryan and Co. I have faith in the Steelers run defense, but the Steelers will need a healthy and active Troy Polamalu to bolster what will be a very busy secondary on Sunday. 
Steelers win a close one


Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

This is the rematch that everyone has been dying to see, unless you happen to be Brett Favre. Now sure, Brett Favre wants to make up for those interceptions, but I think he will be thinking more about that ankle of his and how it’s going to hold up to a Saints Defense that knocked him around the last time they played each other in the NFC Championship Game.

The Saints defense will definitely test that ankle. I just can’t wait to watch this game, because I predict the Saints will blitz every chance they can get. Now I do think Favre will be under pressure all night, but that doesn’t mean he won’t put up some good numbers. With Favre returning so late, I don’t the Vikings will be in rhythm…I think mistakes will be made, and the offense will cough it up too many times to win (sound familiar?). 
Drew Brees and the Saints take it late

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Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams

What is going on with Arizona? Derek Anderson, a.k.a. “The man that wasn’t good enough for Cleveland,” is now the Cardinals starting QB. Matt Leinart has gone to Houston, and the Cardinals will rely on two rookies to back-up Anderson. This I just don’t get…they have a new QB in their system but don’t have a back up that has any knowledge either.

There is good news for Arizona however, they have a great defense and they play the Rams in week one. Now I do think the Rams will be better this year, but it will take time. As good as Stephen Jackson is, the Rams can’t realistically ask him to carry the load against a very talented Arizona’s defense and I see Sam Bradford showing flashes, but overall it will be a forgettable day for the offense.
Cardinals run away with it


Baltimore Ravens @ New York Jets

This game got a whole lot more interesting when Derrelle Revis finally broke his holdout this week. Revis will play for the Jets, who on paper look to be as talented as any team in the NFL and will normally have the edge in talent against any opponent. That is except for this week. The Baltimore Ravens come to town, and they look just as formidable on paper. These two offensive teams are actually very alike. Both will use the run to set up the pass, and have the weapons to beat you doing either.

The difference in this game will be on the defensive side of the ball. Both defenses are tough and will want to take away the run, and force the opposing QB to beat them. I think the Jets have the weapons to pull this strategy off, even if there may be some rust on “Revis-Island”. Honestly, the Raven secondary is banged up, and in my opinion will be targeted and taken advantage of.
It’s close, but the Jets’ defense wins it


Staff Picks


Week One Bam Brian George Matt

Minnesota @ New Orleans

Cleveland @ Tampa Bay

Miami @ Buffalo

Cincinnati @ New England

Indianapolis @ Houston

Denver @ Jacksonville

Atlanta @ Pittsburgh

Oakland @ Tennessee

Carolina @ New York Giants

Detroit @ Chicago

Arizona @ St. Louis

Green Bay @ Philadelphia

San Francisco @ Seattle

Dallas @ Washington

Baltimore @ New York Jets

San Diego @ Kansas City