8 things you have to do at Steelers training camp

I’m not a training camp veteran and I’m far from an expert on Latrobe, but I try to make it down to St. Vincent every summer for training camp. I went with parents a lot when I was younger and our staff has a lot of experience going as well. Here’s a running list of tips and things to do while at Steelers training camp. This is an ongoing post so feel free to email me or tweet me with your tips for everybody!

1. Bring lots of sunscreen and water
Mike Tomlin might look cool rocking all-black, long sleeved clothes, but it is really hot out there and you won’t look like you have nearly as much swag as Tomlin does. Come prepared for the elements or pay the price. Submitted by The Steelers n’at.

2. Visit the entire campus
St. Vincent has a breathtaking campus. Stay late and go for a stroll. The basilica on campus is unbelievable and well worth a couple minutes of walking to see.  

3. “Tailgate”
A couple of years ago, I was one of the first couple of cars to arrive in the main lot and parked right by the gate behind the stadium. I had 3 or 4 bags of Sheetz food and camped out and talked to Steeler fans from all over as they walked into camp. I met people from Indiana, New Jersey and Ohio. It was awesome.

4. Don’t yell at players for autographs during the middle of drills unless you are 6 years old
The players are their to work. They are gracious with their time after practice most days. Nothing more annoying than some dude screaming at Troy Polamalu all practice long. Submitted by @dablough

5. Eat a pizza from Jioio’s Restaurant 
This is my favorite stop of every training camp trip. Jioio’s pizza is one of the best I have ever had and the best I have had in the Pittsburgh region. Reasonably priced and usually full of Steeler fans. I could write a whole blog post about how good their pizza is. It’s less than a mile away from campus too.

6. Read this training camp primer
The Steelers n’at has everything you need to know from the football side of things. 

7. Don’t ask Big Ben to sign a program
A few years ago, I was trying to get all of the Super Bowl champs to sign the official game program of Super Bowl XLIII. Big Ben had it in has hands and gave it back to me because he doesn’t sign things that people will sell online. I was crushed. 

8. If you have kids, head to the Steelers Experience
It’s an amazing place for young football fans. Made so many good memories on the adjacent fields doing all of the fun football games they have over there. Gotta do it.