What’s Worth Watching In A Bad Superbowl?

Let's not mince words. These are two of the most hateable people in sports. And they are going to be coaching opponents in the Superbowl next week. One of them is going to win a Lombardi Trophy. Both of them are going to whine and complain after every single whistle, and it is going to be awful. Who do Steeler fans even root for? In San Francisco wins, they tie the Steelers in Superbowl titles. If the Ravens win, Ray Lewis goes out on top and no one in this city is really okay with that.

If you want to give yourself a real rooting interest, there's always Superbowl 2013 betting, if that's your style. Heck, if you dig hard enough around the internet you can bet on everything from the champion to how the anthem singer screws up. But what are the pros and cons from a pure football standpoint? Check after the jump.

The Case For The San Francisco 49ers

Yes, Jim Harbaugh is incredibly annoying to watch on the sideline as he complains at every stoppage about every sing call. But his counterpart, Jon, is exactly the same way, so we'll call that a wash. Truly the "diva wide receiver" of head coaches, both Harbaughs are insufferable and petty and there is nothing more simultaneously entertaining and enraging than watching them not get a call they want. But look past the head coach and just try to find something to hate about the actual football team. The Niners' defense is fun to watch. Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman are two of the best linebackers no one talks about on the east coast. The Smiths on the defensive line are freakish playmakers. Frank Gore is a tough-running power back; the type of player everyone in Pittsburgh loves to root for. Colin Kaepernick has a cool name, a multidimensional offensive style, and his greatest sin is apparently having tattoos. Oh, and the 49ers signed Billy Cundiff, one year removed from missing a game-winning field goal for the Ravens against New England. Cundiff could theoretically have the chance to kick a Superbowl-winning field goal against the team whose fans shunned him after his bad luck last January.

The 49ers, as a football team, are a treat to watch. Once you get past their asinine leadership on the coaching staff, they make a strong case to be your favorite team in the Superbowl. And if you care about them getting a sixth Lombardi Trophy and sharing the mountain with the Steelers, remember that Joe Montana is from Pittsburgh so four of those should really be ours anyway. Because if you care that much about historical franchise records, logic probably works that way for you anyway.


The Case For The Baltimore Ravens

Do it, Niners.


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