Heads Up: The Draft Starts Tonight

When you don’t know much about college football, the lead-up to the draft can be pretty monotonous. I don’t know who the Steelers are going to draft because I don’t know about the athletes that are available. There are ten thousand other dudes on the internet who have been doing mock drafts since January; they can have that.

Here’s what I do know: The Steelers will be drafting defensive players, because oh my gosh they need help on defense very badly. If the first two picks the Steelers have aren’t for a cornerback and outside linebacker, we’re all doomed.

Don’t rule out a tight end and running back in the mid-to-later rounds as well, as the Steelers need to get younger at TE and having a depth running back probably wouldn’t hurt. Throw in the obligatory late round offensive lineman and the draft could really go in any direction after round 2.

Ian from Steelers N’at and I usually do some kind of live blog or chat for the draft, but this year we’re probably sticking to Twitter, because that’s where yinz will be anyway.

See you all tonight!

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