Best online game to play and win money

Who doesn’t like playing video games and unwind a little bit? And who doesn’t like to make money? Can both co-exist? Well, you’re in just the place to get this question of yours answered!
Playing competitively online can make your wish come true. Making money has never been so easy and fun before. You don’t need to buy expensive gaming rigs or consoles, a regular one will do. And other than that all you need is a stable internet connection and a little bit of gaming experience to get started.

Started as a reward giving search engine, Swagbucks has evolved over time and has transformed into a GPT site. It allows it’s users to do tons of tasks every day like playing games online, watching videos, shopping, search, take surveys and make money while doing so.
You are rewarded with Swagbucks for your efforts with which you can redeem tons of prizes like amazon gift cards, coupon codes and so much more. You can also request the credit to be converted to cash which can be transferred to PayPal account.

Exodus 3000
This is no small arcade or word game that the internet is filled with these days. It is the most popular multiplayer RPG. You travel into the future which is about 1000 years from now and earth has become hell. Earth is no more capable of sustaining life because of human activities. Players are tasked with find mineral, resources and ‘Mars Dollars’. Mars Dollars is the in-game currency that can be converted into the real dollar. There are 3 ways you can accumulate Mars Dollars which are searching ruins, mining in volcanoes or attacking other players. 300,000 Mars Dollars can be converted to $20 and you also get a bonus of 5000 Mars Dollars upon signing up.

Entropia Universe
Also known as Project Entropia is a third-person shooter adventure game. You can play missions, go for hunting or even craft items like any other modern title but the only twist being the virtual objects in the game are worth real money. The game has a fixed exchange rate of 10:1 i.e. you have to collect 100 PED ( in-game currency) to get $1.
There are tons of things you can do to earn PED such as
Gathering the Sweat of monster
Collecting resources fruit stones and broken Elysian tech and selling them to other players
Missions, etc
The game beautiful graphics, vast terrains and so much to explore.

This website offers 25+ online games that you can play and earn money. The games are played competitively and the winner takes the prize. According to the website, more than $250,000 are given away to the player as prizes. You can play Zuma, Bejeweled 2 and Family Feud from the vast array.

Second Life
One of the most famous MMORPG games. Second Life lets the players create avatars that best suit them who are able to interact with other avatars and do many things such as business, socialize, participate in activities, etc. An in-game currency called Linden Dollars is used to buy and sell stuff. 260 linden Dollars can be exchanged for 1 US Dollar. In this game, one can make money by
Dealing in virtual real estate
Creating and selling different items
Participating in events
Sitting in camp chairs

So, these were our top picks in which you can use your gaming skills in exchange for real money. Some other games are Espn Fantasy sports, DraftKings in which you can make your virtual team and manage them for money or you can play Bwin, the biggest online platform on which you can bet at home in virtual casinos and play other games. Try all of them out and know which one you’ll like the most.

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