Best rated betting platforms in Canada

High-ranked betting platforms in Canada

It’s a big thing to find a gambling website that would fit all your demands. There are so many different nuances when it comes to choosing a casino to play online games that it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options, provided by multiple companies. To make it more simple we’ve made a guide on how to pick the best place for you to bet and what are the criteria of the top rated online casinos.


It is imperative to check the license whenever you consider an online betting platform. There are multiple gambling jurisdictions that are entitled to give a license, such as Swedish Gambling Authority, Malta Gaming Authority or UK Gambling Commission. They have a big list of requirements for a casino to meet in order to get a license. That’s why it guarantees company’s legality.


This feature consists of several points to consider.

  1. The amount of payment options provided on a website. These days there are so many online casinos that you can easily find the one offering the payment method you already use. Don’t deposit in a casino with inconvenient options to pay as it will take extra time to create a new bank account or another web wallet.
  2. Speed of a withdrawal process. First of all, there should be official information provided by a casino on how much it takes them to process payments. But that’s not all. To make sure the processing time is stated correctly on the website, go find unbiased players’ reviews. If there are issues with payouts, you’ll notice a lot of negative opinions.

Game selection

When you look through the information about an online casino, pay attention to the list of software developers it has. Players normally have favourite games so it’s important to see if there is your preferable slot, or a baccarat variation or whatever you like presented on the platform.

Customer support service

A crucial point of any betting platform is how good is their customer care. We expect them to provide several ways to contact including live chat and email. Phone call would be a great option as well. Besides, response time is a key feature of customer team work. Some issues might be really urgent so the assistant’s reaction should be swift, too. Polite and friendly help is a must for casino customer support.

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