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Is The NFL Ready For September?

It has been a hard time for sports fans the world over as further delays and cancellations continue following the initial round of delays that went out in March – some have received great news as many sporting events particularly across Europe have got underway again, but as the US continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic the outlook for major events is looking a little more bleak, and concerns are being raised around whether or not regular schedules can be played out again.

The biggest US sports have put some dates forward – the NBA will be able to get underway again at the end of July as the 22 teams confirmed to make playoffs will spend the remainder of the season at Disney World in Orlando in an attempt to reduce any unnecessary contact and risk any positive cases for the virus. Similarly the MLB has finally announced that players will be returning to scheduled play to see the season out too as July 23rd has been decided as the return date – however as seen elsewhere, changes can happen extremely quickly and it may only take a small number of positive cases to put further delays on plans.

Many fans are now looking toward the NFL and the September 10th start date for the regular season to get underway – if the NBA and MLB are able to get things going without disruption then it spells great news for September as that leaves plenty of time for preparations to be made and ensure there’s a concrete plan for safety, however if either run into any trouble then it may cause some things to be thought about differently if player safety can’t be guaranteed. There are also other factors to explore too such as fan attendance, as most sports currently are not allowing anyone other than essential personnel into the stadiums – again given September is still a few months away, there’s time to make adjustments but it is still a complex situation. 

For fans looking to get involved however there is some good news amongst all of the bad – with other events getting underway without issue it seems that the betting scene has returned in a big way as operators who were forced to make changes due to different regulation shifts are starting to get their feet back underneath them – a growing number of no kyc casinos still exist and the same practice is also being made available within betting so everyone can get involved regardless of anything that may prohibit operators where they are. With any luck, the next few years will clear more up and fans can prepare for fixtures to be released, until then it is just a waiting game, but with other big names planning on going ahead the outlook is much more promising than it had been just a month ago – if you’re still itching, there’s plenty of soccer going on in the European scene  if you feel like something a little different may be up your alley.

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