The top 5 essential pieces of football training equipment

Football is an incredibly fast-paced game. In order to be at the top of the sport, players need to train hard to ensure they can meet not only the fitness requirements but that they build on their speed and agility. Trainers should not be afraid to use techniques that build on stamina and agility, even from a young age, after all, these skills can help players in many areas of their lives. Read on to find out the top 5 essential pieces of football training equipment that should be in your arsenal when training players of any age. You can also try these bodybuilding supplements for a stronger body.

Football training bibs

According to a recent study football vision is just as important as ball skills. This means that giving players the skills to help them read the field is just as useful as teaching them how to manoeuvre the ball during play. This is where bibs come in. If you use them during training players need to learn the skill of assessing where the players on their team are quickly so that they can make a decision in the midst of the stress of the game as to where they should send the ball. Use different coloured bibs to mimic a real-life game where players would have different coloured shirts.

Football training cones

When it comes to building agility in your team, football training cones are really one piece of equipment that a trainer really can’t live without. You can use them to set up sprinting courses, smaller games, and obstacle courses. Basically, anything that encourages players to build speed and agility can be achieved with these cones. If you are having trouble with performance read our blog post about when it is right to visit a sports doctor.


Compression socks

Compression socks can help your players to get the very best out of the legs. Ultimately, legs are the main tool that a footballer has and so they need to be looked after. Compression socks help to support the venous and lymphatic functions of the legs, making sure that they are working their best at all times even when they have been involved in strenuous exercise. You can find top quality compression socks at Home Fit Freak.


Football free kick

Whilst not necessarily a piece of equipment, it is essential that any football training programme includes practice on the free kick. This is often the key to success in any match. If you have players that can land the perfect free kick the goals will keep coming from any set-pieces that you win. There is advice online to help your players learn how to perfect their free kicks.



When you are responsible for players, you need to ensure they are protected, even during practice. It is essential, therefore, that you make it mandatory for payers to wear shinguards at all times. These pads protect the soft tissue and bones of the lower legs and can prevent serious injuries that would halt a player’s career in its tracks. Don’t take the risk, make sure you have some spare guards so that you can keep players protected even if they forget to bring their own.