When You Just Can’t Get Enough Basketball

Alley-oop #1

Marcus Smart is known for being a tough, gritty defender, but he can produce some highlight-reel plays on the offensive side of the floor from time to time as well.

He’s a solid passer, although that isn’t necessarily his strength. Still, his sense of awareness allows him to hook up with his teammates, sometimes even taking his opponents by surprise, which is what happened during Sunday’s exhibition game against the Cavs.

Check out this alley-oop he threw to Robert Williams — without looking, using only hand, a trick he learned during March Madness Betting season.


Alley-oop #2… Ridiculous

One of the most exciting player-to-player connections to watch this season features two guys that didn’t even play for their current team last year.

No. 1 overall draft pick Zion Williamson will now have the benefit of being set up by prolific passer Lonzo Ball, and we can’t wait to see all the highlight-reel plays that come as a result.

Pelicans fans were treated to one during Sunday’s exhibition game, when Ball threw a ridiculous alley-oop from behind half court to Williamson, who slammed it home with authority.


Can’t wait to see more of that this season.

No Durant and What that Means

A lot has been said about how the re-tooled Warriors will fare going forward, having appeared in the NBA Finals five consecutive seasons, but without superstar Kevin Durant going forward.

Not only that, the team also parted ways with veteran stalwart Andre Iguodala, who also figures to be a sizable loss. They’ll also have to play for at least half the season, if not more, without Klay Thompson.

Still, no one in the Warriors organization appears to be worried, certainly not Steve Kerr, who had a lot of positive words about how good of shape two-time MVP Stephen Curry is currently in.

“It’s the perfect time physically and mentally where everything’s come together,” Kerr said, via ESPN. “He’s in his prime age-wise, strength and conditioning-wise and defensively he’s seen everything that’s come his way. Teams have played him every possible way that you could think of, and he’s had years now to work on counters.

“So he’s kind of in his sweet spot right now, and he has been the last couple years. And hopefully that continues for the next few years.”

He’s only one player, and there are plenty of question marks about how the Warriors will fare defensively this year, but we do expect Steph to light it up this season.

Crossover Double-Take

All eyes have been on Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard Zach Norvell Jr. during the preseason, as the former Gonzaga star appears to have a bright future ahead of him.

He showed that potential during Monday’s exhibition game against the Warriors, when he put Warriors guard Jordan Poole on skates.

Check out how Norvell used his sick handles to get Poole going one way, then use an extremely quick crossover to leave his opponent in the dust. Not only that, Norvell attacked the lane, and finished off the play with a layup — despite being fouled as well.


What a play.

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