Ben Roethlisberger Is Hurt, Maybe Not Injured

Ben Roethlisberger took a pretty hefty shot to the chest courtesy of Courtney Upshaw last Thursday. Another thing that happened last Thursday: Ben looked bad. His throws were off target and he didn’t have the same command of the offense we’re used to seeing from him. Those two things might be related. Roethlisberger disclosed this […]

James Harrison Is Not A Hyprocrite

If you haven’t been paying attention, you’ve been missing out. Roger Goodell has constructed a web of lies surrounding Ray Rice and everything is falling apart. I won’t bother recounting everything, because it’s all over the internet already and the story keeps changing (as the NFL has to keep digging this hole deeper with more […]

Bullet Dodged. STEELERS WIN

Yikes. When people use the phrase “a tale of two halves,” this is the game they are talking about. The Steelers were invincible in the first half, and then the Browns turned the difficulty all the way down at halftime. They did basically whatever they wanted in the second half, but the Steelers got back […]

Some Stuff Before We Get This Season Started

James Harrison retired as a Steeler yesterday. That’s pretty cool. Harrison was always a little bit overrated in my mind, but you don’t win DPoY without making some plays. He gave us the best years of his career, and I think we can all forgive that weird stint with the Bengals. Elsewhere, Dick LeBeau seems to […]

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Steelers tickets 3% above average for season opener vs Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers will host the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field this Sunday and will also welcome above-average ticket prices on the secondary market. The Week 1 matchup may not see rookie phenom Johnny Manziel take the field, but tickets remain relatively high in price for the underachievement the Browns have produced in recent years. […]

Steelers Finalize 53-Man Roster: ANALYSIS

With today’s roster deadline, dreams were ended. Several players were released, and the Steelers will go into opening weekend with the league-maximum 53 players. Players released include: QB Brendon Kay – The fourth QB usually gets cut. That happened to Kay. RB Josh Harris – Running backs aren’t terribly difficult to find. Even facing potential […]

First Wave of Cuts Complete

In addition to the nine players the Steelers released earlier today, six more players got their pink slips today to get down to the mandated 75-man roster limit. On their way out this afternoon were: OL Chris Elkins OL Emannuel McCray DL Hebron Fangupo DL Brian Arnfelt RB Tauren Poole LS Luke Ingram With Poole’s release, […]

Steelers Cut No One Of Consequence

The first round of cuts is due today at 4:00. The Steelers got a head start by parting ways with the following players: RB Miguel Maysonet RB Jordan Hall WR CJ Goodwin WR Khasif Moore TE Eric Waters S Jordan Dangerfield CB Devin Smith CB Lewis Toler LB Vic So’oto Who are any of these […]

Gilbert Extended, Keisel Re-Signed

So, the big news today was that tackle Marcus Gilbert got a six-year contract extension from the Steelers. I’m hardly an expert on offensive linemen, which is why I only remember Gilbert for struggling. Obviously the Steelers know more than I do and they expect Gilbert to be a long-term solution at one of the […]

Game Two, Getting Better. STEELERS WIN

Game #2 built on some things that were established last week. The offense looked unstoppable, giving Ben time to throw and plenty of receivers to throw to. Getting Dri Archer in space will clearly be a focal point of the game plan this season. Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton held their positions as the #1 […]

Would You Like To Learn About Pittsburgh Sports?

Owning a website is great. I’ve gotten all kinds of things since I took over Blitzburgh. I got a sweet new phone, some solid inroads to NFL online betting if I ever decide to turn my encyclopedic knowledge of special teams into cash, I’ve inherited like 8000 Twitter followers, and I’ve made some really great […]

August Football At Its Finest. STEELERS LOSE BUT WHATEV

Finally, football! The Steelers and Giants played last night, and it was your standard preseason affair: Little cohesion on offense, a few big mistakes on defense, and an altogether sloppy affair. The starting offense looked a little bit more creative, although they weren’t in long enough to build on anything, and the starting defense stayed […]

Football Players Are The Worst (News Roundup)

Ah, training camp is underway, we’re halfway through the first week of preseason games, and football news is finally populating all the headlines. Too bad none of it actually has to do with the game, as seemingly every headline serves at a stark reminder of how awful the NFL’s culture is. This Pouncey Bros. thing […]