You want to complain about Todd Haley this week? You can’t. Bruce Arians never put up 51 points. Okay, take away that pick-6 by William Gay. Arians never put up 42, either. His offenses maxed out at 41 points, and Ken Whisenhunt put up 45 in 2006. I’m not going to bother going back to […]

Steelers Somehow Disappoint With 51-Point Performance

This is Norm Van Brocklin. He set the single-game passing yardage record in 1954. That record has stood for 60 years. The man who set it has been dead for 30. Ben Roethlisberger could easily have been the one to finally etch his name over that record. Marino didn’t. Warner didn’t. Manning didn’t. It could have […]

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Steelers tickets 22% above average for matchup vs Luck & the Colts

The Pittsburgh Steelers enter Week 8 with something to prove, despite winning in Week 7 and holding a decent 4-3 mark. That’s what comes with being the Steelers, unfortunately. To the media and outside world, they’re elite or they’re terrible. Their fans won’t think or say that, though, and they certainly won’t bow down to […]

Live To Fight Again. Steelers Win

It’s funny how all the coaches look smarter when the defense forces a couple of turnovers at opportune times. It doesn’t seem like anyone is in a particularly good mood about this game, maybe because we see the path to another mediocre 8-8 season, maybe because you’re a draft nut getting the itch to check […]

Why Isn’t Le’Veon Bell Playing A Bigger Role On Offense?

Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest post by Matt Stevens. If you have something to say about the Steelers too, you can always get in touch! There were certainly a fair amount of questions being asked after last week’s embarrassing loss to the Cleveland Browns. All of a sudden, fans of the franchise are […]

The Steelers Are Gambling Because It’s All They Can Do

You get the sense that Mike Tomlin believes he’s in trouble. In a lot of cases, a head coach responds to a warmer seat by yanking his veteran QB for the young guy holding a clipboard behind him. However, the quarterback isn’t the problem in Pittsburgh, and even if it were, it’s Landry Jones sitting […]

Todd Haley’s Offense Is a Gross Misuse Of the Steelers

I recap every game the Steelers play. I even have a recap and notes written from Sunday’s affair in Cleveland. But I recap games the Steelers play. I’m not sure they played Sunday. Let’s not re-live that abomination. This team is at a crossroads right now, sitting at an iffy 3-3 with the hard part […]

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Tickets for Steelers vs Browns 139% more expensive than Cleveland’s home average

The Cleveland Browns completed the biggest road comeback in league history last week, coming back from a 28-3 hole to top the Tennessee Titans, 29-28. That alone probably extended Brian Hoyer’s stay as starting quarterback for another 3-4 weeks, while it also showed Browns fans once again that this cardiac offense has zero quit in […]

Treading Water. STEELERS WIN

This game wasn’t pretty, but in the end all that matters is that the Steelers got the W. I know, I know, Jacksonville is a terrible football team, they give up 30 points a game, it’s always an extra home game because every NFL fan in Jacksonville is a Steeler fan. The Steelers could have […]

Back Down To Earth. STEELERS LOSE

It took me some extra time, but I did get to sit down and watch this weekend’s Steeler game on DVR. The recap is a day late, but it’s still the recap, so enjoy.

Regarding James Harrison’s Return…

Whoops, I forgot to actually post a thing I had written when Harrison re-signed, and now it’s well after the fact. Oh well. Instead of writing stuff you already know about how desperate the Steelers are on defense, I’ll just share with you this episode of The Draw Play, an NFL-based webcomic by

This Is What Good Teams Do. STEELERS WIN.

We talked about this being an important game for the Steelers going forward. I hold that it was. Yes, Carolina came in a little bit banged up and that played to the Steelers’ advantage, but that’s hardly reason to discount the win. The Steelers completely dominated the Panthers, and there’s not much more you can ask […]

We Are Going To Learn A Lot Tonight

Really, there’s one question we all have about the Steelers, and we don’t have the answer yet. We might have an answer tonight. The question is simply: “Are the Steelers a good football team?” Tonight, they will go on the road to play the Carolina Panthers, one of the best teams in the NFL right […]

Ben Roethlisberger Is Hurt, Maybe Not Injured

Ben Roethlisberger took a pretty hefty shot to the chest courtesy of Courtney Upshaw last Thursday. Another thing that happened last Thursday: Ben looked bad. His throws were off target and he didn’t have the same command of the offense we’re used to seeing from him. Those two things might be related. Roethlisberger disclosed this […]