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Game Fifteen: Steelers @ Titans

Most wonderful time of the year? Not quite. The Steelers have been on a roll and surprised everybody by getting a shot at home field advantage Sunday, but the Titans were having none of it and handed the Stees their worst loss in over a year (h/t). No complaining…this game isn’t going to be an […]

Game Fourteen: Steelers @ Ravens

I’m so glad I’m not old. Not like 30s or 40s old. Like at least 60 years old. I think I’d already have a few heart attacks under my belt this season with all the close games the Steelers are in. My voice is already sore after the games. Why can’t they just blow teams […]

Game Thirteen: Cowboys @ Steelers

Sometimes people ask us why we watch sports. Why waste time with something that you have no control over, they say. The reason jagoffs like that don’t understand sports is because they would have shut this game off after Gary Russell got stoned on 4th and 1. There some moments in life that are only […]

Game Twelve: Steelers @ Patriots

You can talk all you want about Spygate and how the Patriots are cheaters, but the fact is, they’re good. Even without Brady they’re an offensive force. And their D is just as tough. Actually, I’m kidding. The Pats are just OK. Yeah, Cassel has had back to back 400 yard games and they’re 7-4 […]

Game Eleven: Bengals @ Steelers

Cincy is 1-8-1 and already dusting off their sleds for something to do on those lonely January weekends. The Bengals are absolutely terrible at football and there’s no way they should beat the Steelers. Not this year. But the Steelers have blown a lot of games they should have won this year. And the Bengals […]

Game Ten: Chargers @ Steelers

Both teams have something to prove today. The Chargers need to prove they are actually a playoff contender, and can turn their season around. The Steelers, well actually Ben Big, needs to prove he can step up in big games and stay on top of the AFC North. This game is going to be interesting […]

Chargers preview: Q and A with BoltTalk

We’re not going to act like NFL experts. Maybe we could pass as Steelers experts because we actually follow them, but that’s about it. So in order to properly preview games, we interview quality bloggers from sites that we like. For this week, we talked Chargers football with Loren from the finest San Diego blog […]

The Big Question: Should Ben be benched?

After Ben’s play this Sunday, it seems everyone is calling for his head, especially after they’ve seen how well Byron Leftwich played against the Redskins. But is that really what the Steelers need? Now let’s look at both sides of the story, to make sure we think this thing out clearly. Ben Roethlisberger is our […]

Game Nine: Colts @ Steelers

Few teams get further under our skin than the Indianapolis Colts. Maybe it’s cause their style of play belongs on the flag football field. Maybe it’s because Peyton Manning whines more than any other NFL player. Or maybe it’s because owner Bill Polian whines even more. Ever since they fled Baltimore under the cover of […]

Game Eight: Steelers @ Redskins

Monday night football. Two of the best teams in the NFL. How could it get any better than this? It can’t. Don’t ask stupid questions. Before the game all they could talk about was how crappy the Steelers played again the NFC East. Good thing the Steelers had their ear muffs on before the game, […]

Game Seven: Giants @ Steelers

Yeah, this game wrap is a few hours late. We took a page out of Big Ben’s playbook and decided to suck this weekend. Unless you had to drive 14.5 hours this weekend, I don’t wanna hear no whining. Just chill out and roll a blunt for San Antonio. Eli vs. Ben. Eli vs. Ben. […]

Game Six: Stees @ Bengals

Who Dey? Dey’s the Bengals that don’t look the same as they did in 2005. Dey’s 0-5 going into today’s game with their franchise QB on the bench from injury. Dey’s going to be in for a long season this year. The Steelers on the other hand, are 4-1 and ready to go from their […]

AFC North: Who will suck the least?

Time to fork over some predictions about how the rest of the AFC North season will play out. We didn’t do the Steelers because that would require more in-depth research. Maybe we will do it later, but it’s important to look at our division rivals and see how they are progressing this season. Baltimore Ravens […]

Most valuable Steeler?

MVP awards are pretty much pointless. We think it’s stupid to just give the award to the best player on the best team, which almost always happens. Hype makes up about 75% of the vote and there is no chance that a lineman will ever win the award because nobody pays attention to them. It […]