Blitzburgh Pick’em: Week17

Week 17   This week the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-4) travel to Cleveland to play the Browns (5-10), in a game that could clinch not only the AFC North title… but also the #2 seed and a first round bye. This is actually one of the few games this week that matter, and in my mind […]

4 Winter Classic thoughts from a Steelers blog

We’re all Pens fans, but even if we weren’t, we would be all about the Winter Classic this weekend. It is being played on our beloved field. Terrible Towels will be waving. There’s no way any Steelers fan shouldn’t be excited about this. But we follow the Pens almost as rampantly as we follow the […]

Polamalu, Harrison, Timmons make Bloguin All-Pro Team

I don’t usually get too worked up over All Star, Pro Bowl, All Pro, et al teams because they are typically just a popularity contest. People also make way too big of a deal out of them. Every year since forever, fans of each team are complaining about a couple of guys they like who […]

Almost Home Free. STEELERS WIN

It’s 2:30 in the morning, Tom and Jerry re-runs are on my TV (as though there might be new episodes coming out sometime soon) and my wifi is near dead for some reason. Let’s get down to business (although there are no huns to defeat). The Steelers blew out a bad team and there isn’t […]

Blitzburgh Pick’em: Week 16

This week, the Pittsburgh Steelers (10-4) will be playing the Carolina Panthers (2-12) at Heinz field. This is the last home game for the Steelers, as well as the last Thursday night game of the NFL season. All is not lost after the loss to the Jets last week…if the Steelers can win out; we […]

The Steelers are possibly the worst singers of all time

Well, this is bizarre.  Some highlights: Chris Hoke and Nick Eason steal the show.  Ike swaggin but not singing James Harrison’s frightening rendition of Santa Clause is coming to town One of the kickers/snappers can actually sing. I think it’s Warren or Suisham.  Willie Gay’s hat Epic rookie prank on Maurkice Pouncey by Roethlisberger. 

Well So Much For That. STEELERS LOSE.

What an awful day in football. The Steelers lost, the Ravens won, the Patriots won… blah. I’m told that the Steelers still clinched a playoff spot today with Jacksonville’s loss, but I’ve been wrong about that before. Whatev, jump for the recap. FIRST QUARTER Brad Smith returns the opening kickoff for a touchdown. 7-0. Sorry […]

Special teams outclassed in 22-17 defeat to Jets

Puke.  This game had a bad feel to it right from the opening kickoff as the Steelers let Brad Smith field the kick and run untouched straight up the field for a gimme touchdown. It was the big play the Jets needed and the big play the Steelers never got from one of their players.  […]

A new method of evaluating offensive line play

On Tuesday, STATS, Inc. released a new stat called the “New York Life Protection Index” (take a guess which company is sponsoring the stat). It claims to measure the offensive line’s ability to protect the quarterback, and looking at the current standings, it certainly passes the eye test, with the Steelers at 29th out of […]

Defensive POY unlikely to be a Steeler this season

You can certainly make a strong argument for at least two Steelers to be the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2010 — Troy Polamalu and James Harrison. You can probably make a decent case for Lawrence Timmons as well. Polamalu has 6 interceptions, a touchdown and several game-defining plays. Harrison has 10 sacks, […]

Playoffs…soon! STEELERS WIN

The Steelers officially clinched a playoff berth today. Or at least, I can’t finagle a scenario that keeps them out. Never mind, still got a week to go before we clinch anything. It’s finals week so just jump for the recap. FIRST QUARTER Ryan Clark hits T.O. as a ball sails over his head. The […]

Steelers embarrass Palmer, defeat Bengals 23-7

Despite it all, I still can’t believe how far Carson Palmer has fallen since 2006. After taking the league by storm in his second and third seasons, Palmer hasn’t been great and he was especially dreadful today at Heinz Field. He threw two interceptions returned for a touchdown and another one late in the 4th […]

Blitzburgh Pick’Em: Week 14

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3) are playing the lowly Cincinnati Bengals (2-10) at Heinz Field. Will this be a blowout win for the Steelers, or can Cincinnati play spoiler and help out the rest of the AFC? Jump for our Predictions on this game and the rest of Week 14.     Bam: This […]

Blitzburgh Podcast Episode 3: Video games ruin everything

Show Topics Ian from Steelers n’at joins the Blitzburgh Blog staff as they talk about Pittsburgh football from the WPIAL playoff teams to the Steelers. 1. Steelers epic 13-10 win over Baltimore 2. Headshots on Roethlisberger and Miller 3. Playcalling: Can offensive coordinators catch a break? 4. Looking ahead to the PIAA football championships Music by Companion ( […]

2008 All Over Again. STEELERS WIN.

When your quarterback gets his face busted a minute into the game and doesn’t miss a beat, it says something to your team. If that didn’t get a player ready to take the field, that player should be cut. We’re all looking forward to hearing what the league has to say about the shot on […]