A Week 17 Preseason Game

With the Steelers eliminated from postseason contention, several players have alreayd gone on IR, including starters Heath Miller, Ike Taylor, Mike Wallace, and Marcus Gilbert. Ever the guys with marginal injuries (Mike Wallace) are being held out because there's simply no reason for them to play. The Steelers stand to gain nothing and the individual […]

Season Over. Steelers Eliminated from Playoff Contention

The AFC playoff teams are set, and the Steelers will spend January on their couches watching other teams compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Sunday's loss to Cincinnati sealed the Steelers' fate. If we're being honest, we all knew the Steelers didn't deserve to be there. The team just isn't good enough to compete for […]

Steelers Lose in OT to Dallas, Playoffs Start Now

The Steelers are a very mediocre 7-7 right now. The only chance they have to make the postseason is to win out; fortunately, they control their own destiny still. The Bengals come into Heinz Field next week and the season hinges on that. If the Steelers win, they stay alive and face Cleveland the next […]

An in-depth look at Charlie Batch’s week

Charlie Batch may have been in the NFL since 1998, but he has never had a week quite like this past one. The veteran QB and devoted community leader had a roller coaster week that rival any that I have ever heard about. What follows is a timeline of one of the craziest weeks in […]

Charlie Batch’s Swan Song

Ben Roethlisberger, by all accounts, is almost ready to go. And when he's back, watch out. But tonight wasn't about Ben Roethlisberger. It wasn't about the running backs. It wasn't about the return of Antonio Brown or Troy Polamalu. This game became Charlie Batch's finest moment. With the Steelers' season hanging in the balance, this […]

Maurkice Pouncey practices at guard, other weird Steelers news

-B- This 2012 season has been bizarre enough for the Steelers already, but it looks like the weirdness has just began. First, it was losing to Matt Hasselbeck and Carson Palmer. Then it was Ben Roethlisberger's near fatal injury. Then Charlie Batch and Plaxico Burress. Now? Maurkice Pouncy – the team's 3-time Pro Bowl center […]

Steelers lose again on the road, fall 26-23 to Titans on last second FG

Will Allen. Rashard Mendenhall. Isaac Redman. Marcus Gilbert Mauikice Pouncey. Ramon Foster. Ryan Clark. The Steelers list of injuries was long, but there was no excuse to lose this game. Mike Tomlin elected to go for a 54 yard field goal with 48 seconds left, handing the Titans the ball with great field position and […]

5 Pressing Questions Answered With Total Titans

I exchanged emails this week with Andrew Strickert from Total Titans, Bloguin’s Titans blog. We each answered a handful of questions about this week’s matchup. Andrew’s answers are below and mine are over at his site. Blitzburgh Blog: Chris Johnson: Should the Steelers even worry about him? Does he still have a piano strapped to […]

Recap: Stayin’ Alive, Steelers Beat Eagles in a Sloppy Terrible Game

2-2 is manageable. Yeah, the Steelers have a tough schedule, but they do every year. In the AFC North, a 1-3 start may have doomed the Steelers, but after a sloppy Sunday afternoon that culminated with a last-second field goal, the Steelers’ season is back on track, even with the lingering feeling of doom none […]

Sloppy Steelers win penalty filled game 16-14

The Steelers won the ‘Battle of Pennsylvania’ over the Philadelphia Eagles today on a 34-yard Shaun Suisham field goal as time expired. The Steelers outplayed the Eagles for much of the game, but racked up 106 penalty yards during the game, including two personal foul calls on Ryan Clark and Ryan Mundy during a cruicial […]

Let’s Be Honest For a Minute Here

NFL football is not something we can take seriously right now. I was really all set to write up a recap of the Steelers-Raiders debacle on Sunday, but Monday Night Football was on and I got caught up watching it. You all know what happened. The game was legitimately blown by a series of terrible […]

Steelers collapse in Oakland, lose 34-31

I missed the first 3 quarters of this one, but it sounds like every Steelers/Raiders game from the past few years. The Steelers jumped out to a 24-14 lead in the 3rd quarter on a Mike Wallace touchdown catch, but the defense squandered the lead in a 2nd half where Oakland scored every time they […]

Delayed Recap Cause The Internet Eats Posts Sometimes

Man, nothing kills your motivation to recap a game like recapping a game and then seeing the back end of your website glitch up and erase everything. STEELERS ARE AWESOME, JUMP FOR LAZY RECAP   FIRST QUARTER The offense opens up with a bubble screen. Then they try a stretch play left with Isaac Redman. […]

Ben Roethlisberger announces donation to Oakland PD

-B- The Steelers haven’t been to Oakland since 2006 but Ben Roethlisberger is still making a name for himself there off the field by giving a grant to the Oakland PD’s K-9 unit through his charity.  It’s not just Oakland though. Roethlsiberger will be donating to local K-9 units at every city the Steelers play […]

Recap: Peyton Manning Reads Dick LeBeau Like a Map, Steelers Lose

Peyton Manning is back, and it looks like he never left. If you want proof that he’s the greatest quarterback of all time, watch his 4th quarter against the Steelers. He saw everything the defense was planning and he knew exactly how to stop it. The defense had no answer for the adjustments Manning was […]