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Blitzburgh Blog was founded in a dorm room sometime during winter 2007 by two gentleman under pen names Norm Johnson and Bam Morris, to be later joined by Brian Schaich in time for the 2009 season. Johnson and Morris have since left the blogging world for bigger and better things, leaving Blitzburgh in Brian's hands.

This is a blog about the Pittsburgh Steelers. Players win games, not referees. A great defense is more important than a great offense. Cheerleaders do not belong in Heinz Field. Wide receivers should shut up and play. If you're a tight end and you don't block, you're not a tight end. Heath Miller is the best football player.


Brian Schaich: First thing's first, it's pronounced "shike." Born in 1991, Brian is one of the youngest Pittsburgh Sports bloggers in the community. Brian is an aspiring sports-media type who considers himself an NFL history buff and an old-school football purist in many senses. It isn't always easy, but Brian tries to watch the game objectively and not get too caught up in being a Steeler fan. Brian also writes the occasional piece about the Pittsburgh (or Wilkes-Barre/Scranton) Penguins at Faceoff Factor.

George Jones IV: George has a degree in economics with minors in math and statistics, and he runs a column on Blitzburgh regarding Advanced Football Statistics and how the Steelers measure up in various Sabrmetric-like categories. His number one sport is baseball and he has a blog about his alma mater's team, the Case Western Reserve University Spartans.


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