Steelers playoff scenarios

There are three that don’t involve a million ties. All of these must scenarios involve the Steelers winning next week against Miami of course: 1) Texans lose or tie and Jets lose or tie. 2) Texans lose or tie and Ravens lose or tie. 3) Jets lose or tie and Ravens lose or tie and […]

Still in the Hunt. Steelers Win!

Classic Baltimore/Pittsburgh matchup. Big hits, some turnovers, Baltimore penalties every other punt return. It was a hard fought battle but the Ravens ultimately fell apart before the Steelers did. Coupled with a Jacksonville loss to New England and a few other games falling in our favor around the league, the Steelers are still very much […]

Ravens vs Steelers Preview

Greetings, Steeler Nation. I hope you’re enjoying your non-denominational holiday breaks. I certainly am, especially with one of the best football games of the season coming up on Sunday! Yes, I said it. The Steelers/Ravens game on Sunday at 1:00 will be one of the best of 2009. Why? Jump. The Ravens have a win-and-in […]

Yahoo! Playoff Seed Generator

So if you don’t already know, Yahoo! has this neat app that lets you pick the games in the last two weeks and it generates a playoff bracket accordingly. The fun part of this is that if the Steelers win their last two games, well… the playoffs still aren’t out of reach. First, we’ll assume […]


After a Thursday night game we’d all rather forget, a grueling week of finals, and enduring all the talk of Pittsburgh’s collapse, I think what we all needed was to see a good Steeler game. And the Steelers delivered. Was it a perfect game? Far from it. The defense still gave up 36 points. But […]

Ryan Clark realizes Steeler Nation is insane

Really, hats off to Ryan Clark for telling it how it is. Steeler fans who sit on their couches and feel nothing but despair over missing the playoffs are worthless. So are people who are embarrassed and ashamed of the team missing the playoffs — a rare event. Look, it’s kind of wishy-washy to say […]

Optimism = Gone. Steelers lose.

Like you want to relive that. It’s 1:12 AM and Ben Roethlisberger just got sacked again. No recap. I don’t want to write it and you don’t want to read it. The Steelers won’t be in the postseason. They’ve lost to three of the worst teams in football in the past month. The next game […]

Thursday Night Special: Steelers @ Browns

So I have a final exam on computer programming in about half an hour, and what am I doing? Blogging about the Steelers, that’s what. Tonight the Steelers go into Cleveland to play against a relatively hot Browns team that seems to at least have learned how to play football in recent weeks. Brady Quinn, […]

Benching starters makes no sense

The PG was on top of things as usual and reported yesterday that Mike Tomlin will be benching some starters for this Thursday’s game against Cleveland. Here’s the scoop: “It’s going to be Joe Burnett,” Tomlin said. “Keenan Lewis is going to get an opportunity to play. We want to see both of those guys. […]

Raiders Aftermath

You probably don’t feel like hearing about how the Steelers are doing right now, especially from the Browns fan in your apartment complex or from your girlfriend that keeps saying, “it’s just a game.” So imagine how I feel sitting down to write about it when I live with fans of the Eagles, Browns, Ravens, […]

Slipping Away. Steelers Lose.

There isn’t much any of us want to talk about right now. Recap after the jump. We’ll think about what it means later. FIRST QUARTER Finally, Stefan Logan does what he was brought in to do and gets a huge 83 yard return on the opening kickoff. That’s how you start a game. The offense […]

Don’t look ahead of Oakland. Please.

This week’s been frustrating for everybody involved with the Steelers. It looked like the Stees had no chance rolling into a night game at Baltimore with Dennis Dixon under the helm.  But Dixon made some plays and all of a sudden it looked like the Steelers might pull one out, only to have the defense […]

Now It’s Serious. STEELERS LOSE.

Ouch. Well, what can we take away from this game? In Dixon’s first start, he definitely proved he’s the backup of the future. Did he amaze us with his accuracy and decision making? No, not really. But in his first start, against the Ravens no less, he was definitely serviceable. The defense let him down […]

Ben Sidelined, Ravens Preview

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports broke the story: Ben Roethlisberger will likely sit out Sunday Night against the Ravens. Dennis Dixon will start for the Steelers. After the jump, we’ll take a look at what this all means for the game Sunday Night. The thing I don’t understand about the Steelers and Dennis Dixon is […]

The Steelers Are Making the Playoffs

A lot has been made of the past two weeks in Steeler Nation. The overwhelming reaction seems to be, “The Steelers won’t win another game, fire Tomlin/Arians/Ligashesky, trade the defense, Ben has lupus, etc.” I hate to say something this, but how spoiled is the Steeler fanbase? The team has lost two straight games. Four […]