…and so it begins

Training camp is coming Sunday, in case you have been living in a (bat) cave.

Limas is as excited as we are!

We could spend a lot of time breaking down the position battles one by one, but nobody wants to read all of that. Predicting what the big stories of training camp will be isn’t worth it. It’s better to just wait around and see what develops and becomes the big stories. Anyway, we’re excited about it because there will finally be stuff to talk about besides the ownerships struggles and Big Ben’s weak golf game.

Here’s a couple quick things to keep an eye on as training camp starts:

  • Will Mike Tomlin continue his tradition from last year of wearing long sleeve, black shirts and pants during training camp so his players don’t have an excuse to complain about the heat?
  • How many small children will Tyrone Carter bring to tears during the first hour?
  • Will the offensive line actually be able put some bodies on the pass rush?
  • Will anybody pull a Jamain Stephens and collapse during the first workout?
  • Who will be the starting center?
  • How will Troy Polamalu  & Fast Willie look after offseason rehab?
  • Can Larry Timmons live up to the offseason hype that has been in the works for a while? Woodley?
  • Will Dan Sepulveda still be the only Steeler to sign autographs for every single fan within 24 miles of St. Vincent?
  • Who will be the first major injury?? (gulp)
  • Will more people show up at the first few days of training camp that at PNC Park?
  • And my personal favorite…who will have the flyest ride when they roll into camp? I know this is a big deal every year, but I spent a half-hour trying to find the newspaper article from last year about this and I failed miserably. I think Deshea Townsend and Ty Carter are always two of the favorites. Big Ben and his motorcycle just missed the cut.

If all goes well, we’ll be taking a field trip down Latrobe to report on the action first hand. Sleep tight, rest easy…it’s football season again!