Oddsmaker: Steelers new owner

Let’s clear one thing up right off the bat: The Steelers are not going to move away from Pittsburgh.


The Steelers are going to stay in Pittsburgh.

First off, it seems that even with the recent news that a few of the Rooney brothers want out, Dan Rooney will maintain control of the team for the immediate future. If Dan is forced to seek somebody out to purchase the shares of a few of his brothers, he’s sure to find somebody who will let him maintain control of the team as long as his health permits.

steelers fans react

Steeler fans react to the latest headlines.


Still, somebody is going to have to buy the majority of shares for the team right? So we not speculate a little. We’re taking a look at some viable candidates and setting the odds. Let’s get it started.

Jerome Bettis

the bus

We’ve seen this story play out before in the ‘Burgh. Former hero becomes owner of team after leading them to a title. Bettis already has business interests on the North Shore with his eatery. But even with Bettis’ NBC gig, there’s no way he has the dollars to make this kind of move. It’s a longshot for sure.  1,000-1

Bob Nutting

he's nuts
God help us all. There will be riots if this happens.  666-1

Citizens of Pittsburgh


“Hey Merl, whaddya say we bring back Cahr for coach? Yinz don’t wanna see us losin to duh Jacksonville Jagoffs again do ya? Jeet yet? Let’s go dahtahn and grab some progies.”  [sic]

If Green Bay can do it, well, I’m sure we’re up for the challenge right? I think the Steelers would be switching QB’s more often than your annoying cousin does during a game of Madden though. 461-1

Mario Lemieux


When has he ever let us down? As thePensblog says, 66 buries it. Plus, his stint as Penguins owner has gone very well, despite all the arena jazz he had to go through. 166-1

Mark Cuban

Say what you want about Cuban, the guy is committed to being a winning owner. He’s passionate about what he does and has those valuable Pittsburgh roots. The biggest thing going against him is he’s as different from Dan Rooney as is humanly possible. He goes out and gets drunk with random college kids. He has his own blog. He cried during a press conference.

Cuban is no stranger to physical play. He’s the chosen one to  bring back the smashmouth Steelers. 53-1

Stanley Druckenmiller

Dude is the founder of Duquesne Capital and was named the 428th richest person in the world by Forbes, the 98th richest American. The Post Gazette has done their work and names him as the prohibitive favorite to buy the shares. He seems to have the best of intentions and just wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a share of his favorite football team. That may be exactly what he’s thinking now, but you’ve got to be nervous knowing somebody not named “Rooney” will have the final say if he wants to. Still, Druckenmiller is the hands-down favorite right now so you better start getting used to the idea. 14-1

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