Introducting: Blitzburgh Blog fantasy football

One of the best parts about being a part of Bloguin is getting to work with other blogs in the network and our developers.

We’re proud to announce just one of many cool features that you’ll see on the site today…fantasy football.

Details are below, but here’s how and why you’ll want to join.

1. All you need is a Facebook account, which you probably already have. 
2. You can win free stuff! The winner of our Blitzburgh Blog league will win a $25 gift card to Team Fan Shop…so even if you are the only one who happens to play this season, it’d be worth keeping up. Other Bloguin sites are playing as well and the highest scoring team across the network wins $150 Amex gift card. So this is pretty much pro.
3. The league is auction style, which is the best way to tell who has their football knowledge in tip-top shape. It’s also easy to do.

Anyway, we hope you join us this season and win some goodies! You’ve got nothing to lose and there is no catch. Good luck to everybody! Directions are below….



Watercooler Sports has setup a Facebook Salary Cap style fantasy league for readers of Blitzburgh Blog. If you are unfamiliar with salary cap style football, there is no draft and you can alternate players on your team through out the season. The winner of this free league will get a $25 gift certificate to Team Fan  Shop, and the player with the highest score across all Bloguin sites will get a $150 AMEX gift certificate. 

Below are instructions on how to join this free league.

Step 1: If you are a member of Facebook just click the link below to install the fantasy football application. If you are not, and would like to participate you’ll have to create a Facebook account.

Step 2: Since this is not a public league, the link to join is hidden therefore you must click the link below after you have installed the application.

Click Join pool and then start building your team!