Jeff Reed is who we thought he was

It pains me to waste virtual ink on another stupid Jeff Reed story, but I suppose I ought to.

Reed was cited again last night for public drunkeness and some other junk. Matt Spaeth got caught up in the whole think too.

Like BTSC, this is probably the nail in Reed’s coffin with the Steelers. I don’t think there’s anything too terrible with what he’s done and he’s mostly harmless. It’s not like he’s out carrying handguns or beating women.

But this type of behavior is annoying and has become a pattern for Skippy. It makes the Steelers look classless and is certainly against the workman-like attitude that the Steelers are known for.

The Steelers probably see Reed as an embarrassment and also a way to save some cap room if they let him go after this season.

I, for one, I’m just tired of reading about this senseless and needless behavior all of the time and think this makes one incident too many for the Skipster.