Steelers vs Broncos Preview

Hello, Blitzburgh readers. Last week during the Bye, Blitzburgh made a move and signed a new writer to complement Bam and Norm. That writer is me. My name is Brian. You don’t care about me though, so let’s talk Steeler football. Tonight the Steelers play the upstart Broncos in Denver. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Jump.

1. Nobody believes in the Broncos, but they don’t care if you do or not, because right now they are second only to the mighty Colts in the AFC. That isn’t a bad place to be. Overlooking this game is a mistake that six teams have made already. The Broncos are for real and they won’t just lie down and hand over a win.

2. The Steelers’ defense is missing a few key components. The big story is that Ryan Clark is sitting this game out, probably in the interest of not dying. The less talked about injuries are those to Kirschke and Timmons. The Timmons injury isn’t so troubling, considering the play of Keyaron Fox, but the Steelers are beginning to get very thin on the defensive line. Here’s hoping we see a little bit more of Ziggy Hood. He should benefit from playing time tonight.

3. Not all is bad news of course, the entire offense is healthy and as beast as ever. The Broncos defense has been playing well, but when Ben is in rhythm, he is near indefensible.

4. Tyrone Carter is going to replace Ryan Clark a lot better than he replaced Troy Polamalu. Troy is a dynamic defensive playmaker, and when he was hurt, this team was not the same. Clark is Troy’s perfect compliment, seeing as how his play is less risky and independent. Carter will benefit from playing Clark’s position and leaving the gambling to Polamalu. With Ryan Mundy likely splitting time, and perhaps Deshea Townsend getting on the field in the nickel defense, we shouldn’t notice much of a drop off in the play of the secondary.

In any case, the game tonight projects to be a good one. The Steelers haven’t played in like a month, so enjoy this one.

Here We Go.

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