Who are the Kansas City Chiefs?

Who exactly are the Steelers going up against on Sunday when they trave to Arrowhead Stadium? Just what can we expect to see from the Kansas City Chiefs? Well, the simple answer is: I have no idea. And I’m guessing you don’t either. Let’s see what they have to offer by position (per their website, since honestly I don’t evne know how to look up such an irrelevant squad). Jump.

QB: Matt Cassel: We played him in 2008.

And that was when he had Moss and Welker to throw to.

RB: Jamaal Charles: By all accounts, this Charles guy is an up-and-comer in Kansas City, which means pretty much nothing. The Steeler defense doesn’t typically bend to opponents’ running backs’ will, and Sunday shouldn’t be any different.

WRs: Really had to look this one up. With Gonzalez in Atlanta, Dwayne Bowe is their best receiver. I only know his name because he seems like the last big receiver to come into the the NFL and take a number in the 80s. the 10-19 range has been pretty popular since then for first round picks. With Bowe suspended for something or other, their starting receivers are Chris Chambers and Mark Bradley. Chambers was waived by San Diego because they have important things to do, like win their division. Mark Bradley might have been selling furniture last month for all you know. Bam and I could suit up at safety this weekend and each get a pick 6 while shutting out the Chiefs.

TE: Leonard Pope wears #45. That is barely even a TE’s number. Expect him to have a few garbage catches for 4 yards on 3rd & 15.

OL: Brian Waters has been with the Chiefs since probably before you were born. You have a respect a guy that stays in the league that long, especially on a losing team. Regardless, the D-line should have a pretty easy time getting to Cassel. Everyone else this year has.

Defense: Here’s where the Chiefs have some hope. Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey were big names in the draft. Give them a few years and some tougher players around them, and they could develop into a solid defense down the line. Tamba Hali is a solid player at LB. Mike Vrabel was brought in this year to give them a veteran presence to help the young guys out. They won’t be dominant tomorrow by any means… but they probably won’t lose the game for their team either. Their offense will have that covered.

Here We Go.

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