Yahoo! Playoff Seed Generator

So if you don’t already know, Yahoo! has this neat app that lets you pick the games in the last two weeks and it generates a playoff bracket accordingly. The fun part of this is that if the Steelers win their last two games, well… the playoffs still aren’t out of reach. First, we’ll assume the Steelers win out. They have to. Then we need to wait on things like New England beating Jacksonville and Houston, and Philadelphia beating Denver. Those are the only games that could really go either way that impact the Steelers.

It doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Even though the Steelers scarcely deserve a playoff berth at this point, they could still come back and claim the 6th seed over Denver or Jacksonville. How huge was that monday night win at Mile High?

So assuming the Steelers win out, the likely case is that we’ll be the 6th seed, playing New England on Wild Card weekend. Baltimore would be 5th, playing Cincinnati. But that’s still two weeks away. We have two huge games ahead of us. First thing’s first. We have to beat Baltimore.

The playoffs start this week.

Here We Go.

(Also, the Steelers signed Joey Galloway. Who cares.)

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