The Terrible Towel is gangsta

Not sure about other Steelers fans, but I’m a pretty big hip-hop fan. Even if you aren’t into that kind of music, you’ve probably heard of Pittsburgh’s own Wiz Khalifa. Khalifa’s been putting out killer records for a few years now and is easily Pittsburgh’s biggest hip-hop star.

I’m sure you are wondering how this is Steeler related already so I’ll just cut to the chase: Wiz released his music video for “Black & Yellow” this weekend and there are TONS of Terrible Towels throughout the music video. Lots of cool shots of Pittsburgh as well.

Here’s the video just in case you needed more conformication that the Terrible Towel is the symbol of the entire city of Pittsburgh, not just the Steelers.


EDIT: Good find by PSAMP — the Steelers own LaMarr Woodley makes a brief appearance in the video as well. This song should be playing at Heinz Field every weekend as far as I’m concerned.