Could the lockout aid the Steelers?

Still not a whole lot going on aside from CBA nonsense. A few tidbits though…

-B- Mike Tomlin is looking at the lockout as a potential advantage for the Steelers this offseason. Coach said that the Steelers are well-prepared to handle a strange offseason because of a veteran roster and a confident front office. I guess I can see his point, but I think this is just coach-speak. What else is he going to say? The crazy offseason will be handled differently by each player and that will be the biggest factor in the end. Regardless, I don’t think who ‘handles’ it the best will have a big advantage once real football starts again. 

-B- The Pittsburgh Power earned their first ever win over the weekend, beating Iowa easily by a score of 58-28. Holding a team to under 30 is a pretty impressive feat in arena football. Oh, and the Power were without starting QB Bernard Morris for most of the game. Backup Kevin McCabe came in and threw 3 TDs. No QB controversy though. Head Coach Chris Siegfried said Morris is still the man. 

-B- ESPN did some goofy poll about who the best pass rusher is in the NFL. These kinds of things are pretty pointless at the end of the day, but fans usually get all worked up about it. Demarcus Ware was the runaway winner and Clay Matthews finished second. James Harrison was 6th and LaMarr Woodley 9th. One side-note: James Walker, ESPN’s AFC North blogger, ranked Harrison as the 2nd best pass rusher.  

-B- BTSC has a fanpost up with a full 7-round mock draft for the Steelers. The poster actually has the Steelers trading out of the first round, which has been talked about by a few people lately.  The draft seems to be thinnest at the Steelers greatest positions of need so who knows what will happen come draft day.