ESPN: Heath Miller is an average tight end

-B- I promised myself a while ago that I wouldn’t link to ESPN’s ridiculous offseason positional power rankings, but they suckered me in. 

ESPN’s panel of football ‘experts’ have been ranking the top 10 players of each NFL position and last week they gave their opinions on the tight ends.  Out of the 8 experts on the panel, only 2 had Miller in the top 10. 

I have written many times before about how underrated certain players are…and sometimes a player is called underrated so many times that he actually becomes overrated…but Heath Miller is truly under appreciated by the NFL as a whole. The list is heavily favored towards receiving tight ends, as if pass catching was the only skill that matters for the position. It’s unbelievable that so many people who get paid to know about football are so wrong about a premier player in the game. 

-B- The Steelers n’at has a solid look at the prospects who have visited Pittsburgh. I don’t even pretend to be a big time draft expert so head over there.  The list is very heavy on offensive lineman. 

-B- There’s an awesome story on today about how the Steelers were able to draft Rod Woodson in 1987. Cross your fingers for the same kind of luck in a few weeks.

-B- 4-2. Go Bucs.