Jeff Reed back in Pittsburgh, attending Penguins games

In case you were wondering what former Steelers and 49ers kicker Jeff Reed was up to these days, he surfaced tonight at Consol Energy Center taking in the game between the Penguins and Dallas Stars.

How do we know this? Reed and his friends were involved in some freak accident that occurred during the game. City Councilman Bill Peduto was nearby:


jeff reed penguisn game


Hopefully whoever was with Reed is fine. No word yet on his (or her) condition. The Pensblog is all over this.

The lives of NFL kickers are funny. Reed was one of the best kickers in the league not long ago and a local celebrity. Now, just over a year removed from being the kicker on a team that would later appear int he Super Bowl, Reed is no longer playing football and is spending his Friday nights in the seats of Consol Energy Center just like everybody else. 


Erica on Twitter says: “I just ran into jeff reed…. said his friend is alert and has a concussion”