Ike Taylor and Stephen A. Smith get into a fight on Twitter

Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor slammed ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Twitter yesterday. Smith blasted Taylor on First Take yesterday for his poor performance in last year’s playoffs.

Here are Ike’s tweets pasted together for “readability”:


do me a favor keep my NAME out of your mouth, I don’t know if your ever played a down of football and dont really Give two you know what’s this is your second time saying something I’ve held back from saying something in training camp.NOW I feel like You taking this too far, if you have a personal opinion about me tell that to me like a MAN. I have two sister, and mom my son and his mom Too hear that BS your talking put your selfish in my position you F “N with my Money, and I don’t like that. Im a straight up no BS MAN. You have another opinion get at me or put a leash on your MOUTH… … S/O to all my FOLLOWERS LOVE Y’ALL… GOOD MORNING TO ALL…

Stephen A. Smith saw these tweets and responded back to Ike.


Anything you felt the need to deal with today. I love the Steelers. I love what coach Mike Tomlin and the Steelers organization reps. What I don’t love is an otherwise quality CB ending his season with one of the most HORRIFIC performances I’ve ever seen from a CB in NFL HISTORY. Your job is to PLAY. My job is to CRITIQUE how you play. You’re blessed to do what you, as am I. I’m not complaining about it, so why are U? Again , the respect is here. So is the sincere appreciation for your position, taking care of your family, etc. So I will NEVER Use “Banishment” or anything like that again. But if you ever left a no-passing-skills Tebow — or anyone who even looks like him — shred u That’s just the way it’s going to be. All you have to do to prevent it is BALL…….like most of your teammates were, and usually, do….Good luck this weekend. And especially the next……..once you may possibly face Tebow again.


Hopefully Ike’s play this year shuts Smith up. #SWURVE