Maurkice Pouncey Is Apparently a Douchebag

Okay, yeah, the Steelers lost in the playoffs, cool, we’ll get to that tomorrow or something.

In the meantime, Maurkice Pouncey apparently ignored the game and didn’t care about the loss, because he was too busy promoting some stupid T-shirt sale to commemorate his Pro Bowl selection and some iTunes album coming out at some point in the future.

When confronted about the clear lack of giving-a-hoot about the team, Pouncey responded:
PounceysucksBuckle up. This goes on. More after the jump. Caution: Profanity inside.

What does he do for a living? Uh, probably not something that would have him at work on a Sunday night. In contrast, what Maurkice Pouncey does for a living is play football. Except if there’s like, a big important game or something. He usually sits those ones out I guess. Which brings us to our next caller:

This guy only has 17 followers, so I guess he isn’t qualified to talk to the almighty Maurkice Pouncey. The best part about this one is the girl (I assume that’s a girl) sucking up to him like she’s going to be best friends with a football player if she tells him how awesome he is. Totally not just feeding an already out-of-control ego.

“You wish you had my life” followed by “Get a life/Don’t talk about my life.” It’s like he simultaneously knows he’s famous and wants to shove it in everyone’s faces, and he is also angry that he’s famous and people are following him. On his Twitter. That he made. And is using to tell people how great he is. After all, he’s clearly more intelligent/important/handsome/whatever than this guy:

The problem here is that people DO care what a professional football player has to say, and when you say all the wrong things, it is going to have a negative impact on your image for the rest of your career.

It’s too bad for Pouncey that the fans have all summer now to stew in the feeling of this loss. He’s already over it, but this meltdown won’t soon be forgotten. Just to have a frame of reference, here’s how Ike Taylor responded to today’s game.

Ike Taylor basically lost the game for the Steelers (hey, still contributed more than Pouncey) and this was his immediate reaction on Twitter after that game. The “First” to this “Second” was congratulating the Denver Broncos.

So what have we learned? We know Maurkice Pouncey doesn’t seem to care about the team. And why should he? Some dude no one’s heard of is releasing something on iTunes and this man has Pro Bowl T-shirts to sell. We know it probably won’t matter in August because he’ll still have a spot on the team (Unlike that Jets dude who was calling out the team despite being a 4th string QB or some nonsense.) And we know Pouncey certainly doesn’t have any fondness for anyone that doesn’t outright grovel at his feet.

Personalblog: I’m something of a jersey collector. I occasionally take “risks” on jerseys that might depreciate in value. I usually avoid buying jerseys for rookies and journeymen. I broke that rule to buy myself a Pouncey jersey during his rookie year. The season before, I had purchased a “risky” Alex Goligoski Pittsburgh Penguins jersey. Goligoski didn’t pan out and was traded to Dallas. But that isn’t the jersey I’m ashamed to own right now.

I like to think that someday, ten years down the line, I could be at a Pens game wearing that Goligoski jersey and maybe someone (aka Seth Rorabaugh, who is a beast) might notice the rare jersey find and have something at least interesting to say. Maybe start a conversation. But I could go to a Steeler game that same year, and if I wore that Pouncey jersey I might not be so proud of it. By then, no one will remember the night Maurkice Pouncey openly told some fans they were worthless to him. But this is going to sit with me and I’m sorry to say I own a #53 jersey right now. Maybe I’ll go get it re-stitched to read “Haggans.”


I certainly don’t want to support this guy.

Recap tomorrow.

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