Photos: Steelers reveal 80th Anniversary throwback uniform; fans meltdown

The Steelers, with the help of RB Isaac Redman, finally revealed the throwback uniforms that they will be wearing in 2012 to honor the team’s 80th anniversary. 

The are….unique. Modeled after the 1934 jersey, the feature black and gold stripes and are much different from the Steelers previous 3rd jerseys which where a frankenstein-like mashup of different eras.

Fan reaction to the jerseys has been predictably horrid. Steelers fans had a meltdown on Twitter after they were announced…people saying that they were ashamed/embarrassed/etc.

Personally, I don’t watch football for aesthetic reasons and I do not care if the jerseys look good or not. But to each his own. The whole reason jersey gimmicks like these are done is to make more money from selling them so if you don’t like them, don’t buy one. I actually kind of like them. 

Here are the photos:

steelers throwback jerseys 1934
throw back jerseys pittsburgh steelers

isaac redman throw back jersey

isaac redman retro jersey

Here is some of the reaction from Twitter users: