Steelers at 20-1 odds to win 2013 Super Bowl

The Steelers are at 20-1 odds of winning the 2013 Super Bowl. Eleven teams are ahead of the Steelers, so I don’t think Vegas likes the Steelers shuffling of the offensive line or aging defense very much.

The Steelers might not be given much of a chance to win it all, but it certainly could be a lot worse. There are plenty of teams with much worse odds to win the Super Bowl, but don’t let us discourage Steelers nation. They are not a bad bet by any means, and twenty to one would still be a very nice pay out.

What do you think, can they do it? Have faith!

The Packers, Patriots and 49ers are the current favorites, according to the current football odds.

-B- Hines Ward was honored in Harrisburg today by Governor Tom Corbett for his football career and his charity work off of the field. He received a “proclomation” from the governer, whatever that means.

-B- Tuesday marked the opening of OTAs. Ben Roethlisberger says Todd Haley’s offense is going to have him stay in the pocket more often. Troy Polamalu called Larry Foote a leader of the defense. More coming later this week on all of that.