Steelers Cut a Bunch of Nobodies, 53-Man Roster Set

This is basically the formality of ending the preseason. All those guys whose names and numbers you didn’t bother learning got cut. The list:

DB Damon Cromartie-Smith – Practice squad fodder; may get signed if a couple DBs get hurt
DB Terrence Frederick – No idea who this guy is
DB Josh Victorian – Had some interception somewhere, probably off of Vince Young
LB Brandon Hicks – ???
LB Marshall McFadden – That guy you kept wanting to call Bryant McFadden
DL Corbin Bryant – Will probably stick around on the practice squad
DL Igbinosun Ikponmwosa – I refuse to spell this twice
DL Jake Stoller – Going to go work at Home Depot
QB Jerrod Johnson – Typcial practice squad QB
RB DuJuan Harris – Running backs are free
WR Tyler Beiler – Haha, his name rhymes!
WR Toney Clemons – Snooze.
WR David Gilreath – Had a few nice preseason games, but it wasn’t enough
WR Marquis Maze – You sort of figured either Gilreath or Maze would hang on, but the Steelers are going into the season with a little less depth at WR
WR Derrick Williams – Made a catch or two in some fourth quarters. Pretty sure I could get a 6-yard reception in those conditions.
OL Trai Essex – Guaranteed to be re-signed when someone gets hurt
OL Ryan Lee – May as well not exist
OL John Malecki – Practice squad? Whatev
OL Chris Scott – See: Malecki, John
P Jeremy Kapinos – Sort of surprising, but his back injury must be worse than anyone is admitting.

In other news, Sean Spence was put on IR. Speaking of IR, the NFL is instituting a new rule this year that says one player can be taken off IR during the season. This could potentially be awesome news for David DeCastro, but in all likelihood, he’ll benefit in the long run from sitting out his rookie season and watching the professionals.

Not much to do now but wait for opening night in Denver. 

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