Cody Wallace Fined More Than Half His Paycheck

Cody Wallace is the latest spare part to be worked into the Steelers' offensive line, and he got himself in some trouble this week for a few dirty hits against the Dolphins. The two fines totaled $17,875. Cody Wallace makes $630,000 per year on his current contract, which breaks down to $12,115.38 per week (or $24,230.76 in a two-week pay period, which I think the NFL uses).

No reason to dispute the fine, but it makes me think. When Ryan Clark gets fined $10k for a hit, it means a whole lot less to him than it would to someone whose paycheck is only a little bit more than that. It fines are meant to deter dangerous behavior, why not calculate them as a percentage of salary?

Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall was fined more for wearing orange shoes than Wallace was for either incident he was involved in, because y'know, safety and integrity and stuff.

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