Gameday Reminders

As the games of Week 16 get underway, let's keep in mind what to watch for as Steeler fans:

1. Buffalo is at home against Miami. The Bills have to win for the Steelers to make the playoffs.

2. The Browns are in New York to face the Jets. The Jets have to win.

3. The Patriots have to win in Baltimore. A meteor crashing on the stadium is also acceptable.

4. San Diego has to lose either this week or next week. They host Oakland today.

5. Obviously, the Steelers have to win in Green Bay.

That's what it will take to survive until next week. It's a lot to hope for, but the Steelers put themselves in this position.

And don't forget about the HTC One Max giveaway. I know it probably looks like a scam or something, but the folks running it are the same lovely people that hooked me up with my new phone. They are nice people.

Let the games begin!

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