Week 10: Buffalo Bills

1:00 PM, CBS


In case you missed it, our Q&A with Buffalo Wins.

The Steelers head into Week 10 with the foul taste of a 55-point-allowing defensive performance in Week 9 against the Patriots. The team will look to rebound against Buffalo, a team that has no players anyone ever talks about and yet always seems to tangle with New England seemingly every year at least once. Defending EJ Manuel and the Bills offense will be much easier than lining up against the well-oiled Patriots machine, but this won't be an easy win. Heck, when you're as good as the Steelers have been (that is to say, not) every win is going to be tough.

The defense can't possibly play any worse than they did last week, but the offense has a 31-point precedent to live up to. If they can replicate that production, they should win this game. Whether or not that's a good thing in the long run remains to be seen.

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