Week 6: New York Jets

CBS, 1:00 PM


Pretty much everyone has already thrown in their Terrible Towel on the idea of the Steelers having a competitive season. I'm not going to tell you they're about to turn it around, but they can still win games. Geno Smith looked like an All-Pro in Atlanta last week. I'm not putting any money on him looking that every day.

Inactives for the Steelers include Markus Wheaton, Isaac Redman, and Mike Adams. It's a shame to see Wheaton out of the lineup; as playing time is really what he's going to need to get better, but he has a busted finger. Losing Redman is no big deal at this point, since no one was running the ball anyway. Logic dictates that the Steelers can only improve without Mike Adams.

For the Jets, Santonio Holmes is on the shelf and Antonio Cromartie is active but dealing with a knee injury. If Cromartie is slowed down at all, that bodes well with the Steelers. Without Darrelle Revis, Cromartie will be charged with shutting down Antonio Brown.

The Jets are surprisingly competitive this season, but they're absolutely beatable. Geno Smith is a rookie, and if the defense is ever going to turn things around, playing against an inexperienced QB is their best shot.

Brian Schaich

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