Week 7: Baltimore Ravens


4:25 PM, CBS

Welcome to Ravens week. Normally, the Ravens lackluster performance to this point in the season would be a great comfort to Steeler fans. Unfortunately, with the Steelers' own season on its current trajectory, Baltimore's final record may not mean anything to us when all is said and done.

The Ravens are the defending Super Bowl champions, and by that I mean, the Ravens won the Super Bowl last year and got rid of everyone else on the team so they could pay Joe Flacco a billion dollars. Since then, this Ravens team has truly adopted the identity of Joe Flacco: above average but not exceptional.

The Steelers finally got over that no-turnovers thing they were dealing with all season, which is great, because that's been the formula for beating the Ravens during Flacco's tenure: Keep it close, take a lead in the fourth quarter, and let Flacco make a mistake on the last drive of the game. If they can stick to that pattern, the Steelers will win and keep the dream alive. If they can't, the Ravens, despite their struggles, will take this game and perhaps bury the Steelers for good in 2013.

Brian Schaich

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