Steelers Cut No One Of Consequence

The first round of cuts is due today at 4:00. The Steelers got a head start by parting ways with the following players:

  • RB Miguel Maysonet
  • RB Jordan Hall
  • WR CJ Goodwin
  • WR Khasif Moore
  • TE Eric Waters
  • S Jordan Dangerfield
  • CB Devin Smith
  • CB Lewis Toler
  • LB Vic So’oto

Who are any of these players? Jordan Hall was that guy Bob Pompeani thought I should know, and Vic So’oto caused a couple of end-game turnovers against guys who were probably backup QBs at Mercyhurst College last year.

Not much to analyze so far. Players who weren’t expected to make the team haven’t made the team.

Brian Schaich

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