Le’Veon Bell Suspended 3 Games

Word came down today that Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell will be suspended 3 games to start the season after his arrest for a DUI during the preseason last year. LeGarrette Blount got one game for the same incident.

I don’t mind that Blount got a lesser sentence than Bell. I think it’s stupid that in 2015 people still get in trouble for marijuana, but hey, I don’t make the rules. However, I’m fine with Bell’s greater sentence because he was driving while impaired, which is seriously not an okay thing to do. By the way, no one in the media has a video of the incident, so we can assume that Roger Goodell believes that driving while high is roughly 150% as bad as beating your fiance unconscious in a casino, which gets you two games if the public doesn’t see video. So I guess if we see a video of Bell’s car, he’ll have his suspension extended to all of this season and half of next.


As for the Steelers, it hurts losing Bell for any amount of time (although Bell will appeal, whatever), but that’s why they signed DeAngelo Williams. If Williams stays healthy through training camp, the Steelers should certainly be able to stay afloat on offense, especially if they focus more on getting the ball to their dynamic receivers.

Add in the possibility of another young back joining the team in the later rounds of the draft (because why not) and hopefully Bell’s suspension doesn’t hurt the team all that much. And for the workhorse, there are worse fates than coming into Week 4 with almost a month’s rest.

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