Other Positions the Steelers Should Target

We all know the Steelers are hurting for defensive backs and pass rushers. Those positions basically have to be addressed, or I’m going to Kevin Colbert’s house and fighting him. But what else are the Steelers lacking? What other positions need an influx of youth?


Heath Miller, the glorious pinnacle of American Football that he is, isn’t going to last forever. His best years are behind him, and while he is still a productive player, the clock is ticking on finding a replacement. Considering how much the rest of the NFL hates TEs that can block, the Steelers should be able to find a reasonably talented traditional tight end in the later rounds if they’ve done their homework.


Le’Veon Bell is good. DeAngelo Williams will probably be all right. Dri Archer is Todd Haley’s imaginary friend. A depth running back would be a luxury for Pittsburgh as injuries (and one suspension) are always a threat to the NFL’s least-durable position.


Cam Heyward is entrenched not only as a three-down starter on the defensive line, but there are question marks elsewhere. Stephon Tuitt has a high ceiling, but he has yet to prove himself. Daniel “Mount” McCullers is large enough to pass for a sport utility vehicle, but he hasn’t shown the technique necessary to solidify a spot as a starter. Defensive line is a position that is only helped with a deep rotation, and the Steelers could stand to add another factor as insurance for their currently unproven crop.


Landry Jones is a dumpster fire.

You can expect a late-round offensive lineman, and Kevin Colbert is never shy about adding a wide receiver somewhere. If the Steelers weren’t so dry on defense, they might even add a punter in there somewhere. Of course, this team spent a 4th round pick on Landry Jones so you never know. I’m expecting a defense-heavy draft, but don’t be surprised if some more weapons show up on Day 3.

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