Steelers Actually Sign Michael Vick

So Bruce Gradkowski messed up his finger and went on injured reserve. With the only other options at quarterback being Landry Jones and what I’m told was once Tajh Boyd, the Steelers reached out to the scrap heap and pulled up what can only be described as the only available option: Michael Vick.

I’ll get my feelings about Vick out now: He is the single most exciting football player I have ever watched with my own eyes. He was far from the best or most reliable, but he was unpredictable and fun to watch. Even at age 35, at least the Steelers’ backup quarterback has some semblance of football ability, unlike preseason staple Landry Jones.

You want hot takes about Michael Vick off the field? Then go read comments on the Steelers’ Facebook. Dude got busted like ten years ago and is one of the only dirtbags in the NFL to actually serve a prison sentence after committing a crime. So whatever. If Ben Roethlisberger goes down, the Steelers are doomed anyway. In the event that happens, it would be nice to at least play fun-to-watch football even if it isn’t going anywhere.

So yeah, Michael Vick sounds about right for that.

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