Tips on How to Get Ripped Body Like NFL Athletes

Is it your goal to have tight and ripped muscles like those top NFL athletes like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, and many others? Bad news is, it is not easy. But the good news is that it is indeed doable with enough discipline, hard work, and patience. For motivation, here are some of the fittest, most ripped, and jacked athletes in the NFL today:

  • Laron Landry (LSU)
  • Vernon Davis (Maryland)
  • Ernie Sims (Florida)
  • Trent Richardson (Alabama)
  • James Ihedigbo (Massachusetts)
  • Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma)
  • Greg Jones (Florida State)
  • Adrian Wilson (NC State)
  • Cornelius Ingram (Florida)

In this article, we will share to you some tips on how you can achieve their good-looking and healthy body complete with ripped muscles. This is also perfect for those who are aspiring to become an NFL player as well. You should start from yourself.

Tip 1: Healthy diet and proper nutrition – any athlete should have healthy eating habits. Your body serves as your engine and if you want it to work properly then you must put the highest quality of “fuel”. It is important to eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates like rice, vegetables, fruits, breads, and others. This is most commonly how the pre-game meal of athletes looks like. It is also important to eat foods that are rich in protein and iron. Avoid fried foods and fatty foods.

Tip 2: Drink healthy supplements – another important aspect of an athlete’s diet program is drinking healthy supplements. Whey is one of the most essential supplements among athletes. It is considered as the “fuel” among big-bodied muscle NFL players and athletes in general. You should also start to include this in your routine. Trusted brands, like Gold Standard Whey, are available at Supps R Us in case you are looking to buy your supply.

Tip 3: Participate in a strength development program – NFL players are the strongest and most powerful athletes in the world. To achieve a body like NFL star then it is advisable for you to undergo rigorous trainings as well. It is best to join strength development program to develop your power, strength, endurance and for you to be faster, stronger, and bigger.

Tip 4: Improve your core – most men want to achieve six or eight-pack abs but not all are willing to work hard for it. You should perform exercise routines that will tighten and improve your core so you can achieve your goal of having “six-pack abs”.

Tip 5: Do running and agility drills – another tip to help you achieve a ripped body like an NFL athlete is to run and develop your agility. Cardio is very important to help you increase your strength especially when lifting heavy weights. Also, doing cardio burn fat.

If you want to achieve a body like a football player, then you must be ready to undergo the same level of training they do. You should know that they are working hard to get ripped body – there is no shortcut and most definitely, there is no magic. Everything relies on hard work and discipline – two things any aspiring athlete should possess.