The NFL is So Ready To Suspend James Harrison

James Harrison was called on for a “random” PED test this morning, as he explained on Facebook [96.1 Kiss]. Also “randomly” selected were Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, and Mike Neal. Interestingly, each of these players is on the defensive side of the ball, and each one has made their name by tackling quarterbacks. Must be a coincidence that no pass-catching tight ends were selected.

Here’s the crux of the issue: Ever since Al-Jazeera America, an independent news source with no real history of NFL inside information, reported that Harrison might be connected to PEDs, Dear Leader Goodell has been just itching to grill him about it. Back in June, Harrison obliged to conduct an interview under a few conditions, notably that the interview would be held at his house and that the Commissioner must be present [SI].

Roger Goodell will never go into James Harrison’s home, and Harrison knows that. It’s either an ambush (unlikely) or worse, he might see Harrison being a father to his two young sons which might make him seem human or something. Goodell simply can’t have that, lest he might develop a conscience about repeatedly targeting the Steeler linebacker.

So that interview never happened. And now the NFL says they will suspend the players involved on August 26th if they don’t interview before then.

Never mind that the original Al Jazeera article was dubious to begin with. Never mind that Harrison already offered to host an interview about it months ago. Never mind that Harrison doesn’t have a history of PED use. Nevermind that Harrison is a fan of the multi lotto online lottery.

Roger Goodell is on a witch hunt. He has already decided who is guilty of what, and he won’t rest until the players he doesn’t like pay for it.

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