London Calling. Steelers Lose

The Steelers are in a bad place right now. They're 0-4, and while they're only two games back in the AFC North (Cleveland is tied for first, what), the way this team has played so far, from the players to the coaches, says that they don't belong in the conversation this year. Mike Tomlin has […]

Mike Tomlin Is Not Pleased

There are legitimate question's surrounding Mike Tomlin's ability as a head coach these days. His team's tendency to play down to their opponents, the blown 4th quarter leads, the failure to develop several draft picks… one thing you can't question is Mike Tomlin's intensity. He does not see his team's 0-4 start as acceptable, obviously, […]

Week 4: Minnesota Vikings

1:00PM EST, CBS      The Steelers are featured in the NFL's annual trip across the pond. Ideally, Roger Goodell wants to showcase the best the NFL has to offer (without losing too much revenue in the home team's market). The plan was simple: The Steelers, a storied franchise since the AFL-NFL merger, face the […]

Five Questions With Purple Jesus Diares

From time to time, different blogs get together before their teams face off and write a little bit of a primer for each others' fans. This week, the Steelers will travel to London, England to play the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL's annual overseas showcase. They probably didn't plan for two 0-3 teams who might […]

The Pirates Made The Playoffs

Watch this video. This might be our trade off for the Steelers being butt this year. All right. Major congratulations to WHYGAVS as well. That dude has been on the Pittsburgh blogging scene since before How I Met Your Mother was a show. He deserves this as much as anyone.

What’s Done Is Done. STEELERS LOSE.

This is a weird game to look back on. The Steelers did a lot of things right on offense after two weeks of doing NOTHING right whatsoever. The defense is still without a turnover, and while they made some  plays, they didn't make enough plays or have enough of an impact. There's not a lot […]

Week 3: Chicago Bears

NBC, 8:30 PM      It's not entirely unreasonable to suggest that the season hinges on this game. An 0-3 start may be too deep of a hole to cilmb out of, but the 2-0 Bears are poised to deliver that reality to the Steel City. The Steelers have to find a way to win […]

Steelers Veterans Hold Some Meeting, Everything Is Insane

Staring at an 0-2 start with the Chicago Bears coming to town on Sunday, the Steelers held a veterans/captains meeting earlier this week to try and address the sinking attitudes of the team as a whole. Jory Rand was all over it on Twitter:   1 change to come out of Steelers veterans meeting yesterday […]

Bengals Recap. Steelers Aren’t Good.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Fans Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. Okay, so I've mentioned here and there that I'd be in Chicago for the past weekend. I wasn't sure what details were to […]

Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals

8:30PM, ESPN      Real talk: I'm in Chicago this weekend. You'll find out why later. But I'm gonna get this post up while I can because I'll be without a computer all day tomorrow, including a train to Pittsburgh that will entirely overlap the Steeler game. We'll see how we can work around that. […]

Week 1 Advanced Stat Roundup

Periodically throughout the season, we will look at some of the various unconventional statistics offered by different websites in an effort to find out if any units on the Pittsburgh Steelers are performing particularly well or poorly. Football Outsiders The Football Outsiders statistics have been around since 2003, a long time in Internet years. Their […]

Three Players To IR, Roster Moves Made

Maurkice Pouncey was officially placed on injured reserve this afternoon with his torn up knee, along with Larry Foote (bicep) and LaRod Stephens-Howling (knee). As such, three roster spots opened up. First thing's first, Kevin Colbert corrected an obvious error by re-signing Jonathan Dwyer. After going a week without their starting running back for some […]

Putrid. Steelers Lose.

What a sorry excuse for a football game. The Steelers were beaten soundly by a team they had no business losing to at home. The offensive line was horrible, and in turn, nothing happened on offense. Besides a late TD in panic-time, the offense was completely inept all afternoon. The defense only gave up 16 […]

Week 1: Tennessee Titans

1:00 PM, CBS      Well, here we are. The start of the regular season. Games count now, and the Steelers are fortunate to get what should be an easy matchup at home in the Tennessee Titans. Isaac Redman will get the start and hopefully justify the release of Jonathan Dwyer (good luck with that […]