Save 5% on Finals Tickets with Promo Code “TSD5”

A week from now both the NBA and NHL seasons may very well be over and a champion crowned.  But as of today, there are games to be played which means you still have a chance to catch some of the action live!  Finals tickets never come cheap, but today we’ve got a promo code that will save you some significant cash.  Use promo code “TSD5” at Ticket Network and you’ll save 5% off your order.

If the Pens, Sharks, Cavs, or Warriors aren’t your thing, you can still use the code to save 5% on MLB tickets, Copa America tickets, Concerts, and other events. If you were planning on buying tickets to any event this summer, now’s a great time to lock it in and save 5%.  The promo code is good through 6/20/16.