Who Are the Most Famous Pittsburgh Steelers Fans?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have built up one of the biggest and most passionate groups of NFL fans over the years. Known as Steeler Nation, they are proud to have a diverse bunch of fans from all walks of life who love to watch the team in action. They might not be favorites right now in the Superbowl wagers, but they are still one of the most supported team in the country.

Who are the most famous faces that might see cheering on the Steelers at the next game? 

Barack Obama

Many people are surprised to see that the former President is such a keen Steelers fan. After all, he was born in Hawaii before living in Seattle, Indonesia and then moving to Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Yet, he has never lived in Pittsburgh.

He has mentioned being a fan of the Chicago Bears in the past, but it appears that Obama’s soft spot is really for the Steelers. When he entered the White House in 2009, it was just a few days before Super Bowl XLIII. When asked about the game, he revealed that he was rooting for the Steelers.

This was explained in interviews, where he said that he didn’t have a local team to follow when growing up in Hawaii. So, the Steelers were his team in childhood and adolescence. Obama said he would support them against anyone but the Bears now.

Garth Brooks

The man who holds the record as the best-selling solos album artist in the US was born in Oklahoma. He now has homes in Malibu and Nashville, but his main residence is in Tulsa, where he was born.

Brooks said that as a kid growing up in Oklahoma, he loved the Steelers and the Pirates, with Roberto Clemente being a particular hero of his. Earlier this year, he also professed his love for Ben Roethlisberger before stepping out at the Heinz Field with a customized Steelers / Pirates shirt.

Michael Keaton

The actor was born in Pennsylvania, living his early life between Coraopolis and Forest Grove. He is a fan of all of Pittsburgh’s sports teams and has been known to let off some steam online when the Steelers produce a disappointing result.

He famously negotiated a break in his contract for the Batman movie, in case the Pirates made it to the playoffs while he was filming. Perhaps his finest moment was when he narrated the powerful ‘Pittsburgher’s Creed’, to be shown before every Steelers game.   

Jimmie Johnson

Everyone who loves the Steelers has a story to tell about how they started supporting them. In the case of multiple NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson, it also comes down to the Madden Football game.

When this game first came out he had to pick a team and opted for the Steelers. He has been a fan ever since and has attended numerous games wearing his Steelers hat and cheering them on. If you are a Steelers fan keep an eye out for him in the crowd.

January Jones

The Mad Men actress from South Dakota has spoken out in the past about her love of the Steelers. In the run-up to the 2011 Super Bowl, she said how she was going to her sister’s house to watch her “favorite team”.     

Jones also pointed out that she takes games seriously and like to sit down and watch it closely rather than getting too animated and missing any of the action.

Paul Rudd

The comedy actor has been in some great movies over the years. He was born in New Jersey and moved to Kansas as a kid, but always loved watching the Steelers.

Rudd said that he traveled to Pittsburgh a lot when he was young and become a “die-hard Steelers fan”. He pointed out that when he was younger being a Steelers fan was the main thing in his life and what he most cared about.

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