Steelers Sign LeGarrette Blount

Welcome to the new Blitzburgh Blog! We’ve been upgraded to WordPress and some log-in issues prevented this article from going up yesterday. You already know this, but yesterday the Steelers signed former Patriot running back LeGarrette Blount to a 2-year contract.

This is awesome news. Blount, a 6’0″, 250 lb. running back, is a true power back not seen in the NFL since Peyton Hillis had that one season.

This week, in “Players You Forgot About”

Blount had a 5.0 YPC in New England last year. That’s freaking incredible. In Pittsburgh, he and sophomore back Le’Veon Bell will split time, with Blount likely getting more touches in short yardage and goal line situations.

Le’Veon Bell might be a little gun-shy, after all.

The Steelers made it known that they were seeking a veteran running back to help shoulder the load. After hosting Maurice “I am super awesome even though I’ve never won anything” Jones-Drew, Blount is probably a cheaper alternative, and in my opinion, a more needed type of back. We all pine for the days of Jerome Bettis, and while it isn’t fair to compare any modern RB to The Bus, Blount is probably as close as we’ll get. His nickname, apparently, is even “The Winnebago.” Close enough, right?

To be fair, Blount also has been criticized for his demeanor in college, when he punched a dude in the mouth. In fairness to Blount, how punchable is this face?

Even that dude’s coach isn’t defending him. Telling. Blount is probably an awesome human being.

All we need now is for Blount to wear #47 so we can start calling him MelGarrette Blount. Because anything connected to Mel Blount rules.

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