Vegas Odds: Steelers vs. Eagles

So I decided to go to Vegas this weekend. And in between marrying a midget (excuse me, small person) and making it rain with Pac Man, I hit the casino to see what odds they have on this week’s Steelers and Eagles game. Here are some of the predictions.

1000:1 – The Philly fans actually cheer for the Eagles and not boo them. (Unfortunately, finding a picture of a fat, ugly Philly fan has a lot better odds.)

75:1 -Willie Parker’s muscles will explode.

25:1 – The camera cuts to Andy Reid eating a cheeseburger on the sideline.

10:1 – DeSean Jackson pulls a mirror out in the middle of a play just to check out how awesome he is.

8:1 – Donovan McNabb complains about something.

3:1 – Either starting quarterback somehow gets hurt.

Grab your nearest bookie and bet away. Because these are 100% accurate and are guaranteed to make you win. *

*Not accurate or guaranteed.