Hunter Dozier Has Become an MVP Candidate

No baseball fan can avoid hearing about the incredibly strong starts from Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich. It’s well deserved, as both players are getting off to starts that could propel them to MVP-like seasons. In the American League, there’s another slugger not far behind. The difference is, you likely didn’t know anything about him […]

How to Win at Online Betting

Have you always enjoyed online better? Perhaps you have never tried it but the idea of playing games and making money appeals to you. Perhaps you have been successful in the past in person and you are looking to try it from the comfort of your own home. Regardless of where you are with online […]

Steelers 20 Bengals 23: Dey Got Better

  Bam and I were split on how this game was going to turn out. I thought it was going to be a complete blowout from the start by the Steelers and they would never turn back. Bam thought it was going to be a close game with the Steelers giving it up at the […]

Steelers 21 Panthers 10: Here we come

Finally, the regular football season is days away. Unfortunately, there is one more preseason game in the way that is even more boring than the other ones. This is the final preseason game, so you rarely get to see any starters on the field, so it’s more like watching a JV game.   It’s the time […]

Steelers 13 Redskins 17: Oh well

Steelers 13 Redskins 17               When I think of Steelers vs. Redskins, I think of last year when Byron came in to save the game when Ben went down. After that, many people called for Ben’s head and that Byron should be the new starter. Of course that didn’t happen, and both teams went […]

Notes Around The League

Ready or not, here it comes. Training camp is here. You can just taste the fresh sweat, hear the pads hitting, and feel the rookies’ nervousness. Here’s a few things that have happened already:   – I guess a few weeks is all Derrick Mason needs to talk himself out of retirement. So just forget […]

Some Offseason News

Here are a few news stories going on around the league to reassure you that yes, the offseason is boring. Enjoy.   – Big Ben is fine after he faked people out by pretending he had an injury. Actually I think it was a bee that stung him so he jumped around and asked Tomlin […]

The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2007

It’s getting to the point where it’s almost too early to give the drafts proper grades mostly due to the fact that we can’t make a proper assessment from two years of playing. But we’ll try anyway. This was the year Tomlin was the new guy in town and everyone was scared he was going to turn […]

Steelers are already number one in May

Looks like the football ‘analysts’ at ESPN are bored. They’ve already ranked the NFL teams in May, but hey, what do we care, they think the Stees are number 1. They’re saying since the Black and Gold have “20 of 22 starters returning, the Steelers could chase ‘dynasty’ status”. Whatever. I wouldn’t put too much […]

The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2006

Coming off a Super Bowl victory, the Steelers had some problems in 2006. Ben forgot how to drive a motorcycle and got an emergency appendectomy. People accused Cowher of not caring after getting his championship. The Steelers sucked basically. They went 8-8 after starting 2-6 and missed the playoffs after making it the previous two […]

The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2005

2005: The rebirth of the Steelers dynasty. This was the draft that put that rest of the pieces together for the Super Bowl run. Or was it? Was it necessary to have these guys to take it all the way to SBXL? You decide, because we aren’t. Check out the rest of the picks after […]

R.I.P. Chuck Daly

I’m sure you’ve already heard, but Chuck Daly died at the age of 78 from pancreatic cancer. We know this has nothing to do with the Steelers, or even football in itself, but it hits close to home for us. Chuck was born in Kane and actually started his coaching career in our hometown. Norm […]

The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2004

A dynasty needs to start somewhere. Whether you think it was this draft or the last one, both helped put those missing pieces together. The Stees had eight picks this draft, can you remember the rest of the picks after Ben? Cause we couldn’t.   2004 1st Round, 11th pick: Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami (Ohio) […]

The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2003

The Stees didn’t pick up too many players in the 2003 draft. With only 5 picks, they tried to make the best of what they had. Since you can see their first pick below, we’d say they didn’t waste their first pick. What about the other 4? Well, check out the rest of the article […]